AI Future Timeline – By 20 2021, You Will Be Able to Control Your Computer

AI Future Timeline – By 20 2021, You Will Be Able to Control Your Computer

Technology is changing almost every day. Advances in computing power, telecommunications, and networking systems continue to improve day by day. What is new in technology?

Aurora technology is changing from ordinary light bulbs to fully self-contained light fixtures that can light entire buildings. Digital light displays with the full-color resolution are transforming the way business is done. Nanotechnology has made great strides forward in recent years, and now it is possible to create prosthetics and tissue engineering from living cells. Trends in cloud computing will make it easier for organizations to use the internet without the need for a server, and trends in medical imaging will allow more detailed visualization of broken bones and other medical problems.

The Pandemic virus was one of the worst things to happen to mankind in recent history. As news of the disease spread around the world, many people lost confidence in business models based on fax machines and postal mail. Fluorescent proteins are growing in popularity as a way to prevent the flu.

Contactless Delivery Technology is changing from a one-size-fits-all to something much more personalized. Some of the new features are wireless, touch-free, and infrared technology. A new type of technology is coming out in 2021 that can measure an individual’s fingerprint to determine their next of kin, or what diseases they might be at risk for. In twenty years, we will have completely autonomous machines that can do all the tasks that humans can do now.




The other major trend in 21st-century technology will be Artificial Intelligent software. AI will be creating its own virtual intelligence. Self-driving cars, self-piloted planes, and robotic assistance all fall under this classification.

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