How Does Technology Make You Feel?

How Does Technology Make You Feel?

Technology is not only prevalent but has also become highly invasive. We live in a world that thrives on information. Technology has become so integrated into our lives that we tend to forget how insignificant it really is. The smartest individuals in technology have begun to question its impact on society. The fact that technology is here to stay should tell us something.

How Does Technology Make You Feel? Today’s most popular social media platform, Facebook, is considered by many to be one of the leading causes of divorce. Divorce rates have increased dramatically throughout the United States, with more people than ever finding themselves forced into the role of a single parent. If people would stop and think about this for a minute, they would realize that it really is irrelevant what happens in your personal life as long as you are online.

How Does Technology Make You Feel? Another common social media platform that people use everyday, Twitter, is being eyed as the potential successor to Facebook. The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is quoted as saying that the company is “working hard to convince people that people would rather be using Twitter than Facebook.” In addition, there are a growing number of robots being created to roam the internet and reply to user questions. As a result, the question becomes, does technology make you feel serene?

How Does Technology Make You Feel? One of the most futuristic applications of technology is its application as a wearable computer. There are many people walking around right now that have Google Glass on their heads, which literally filters everything around them. In order to feed their mind, however, they have to wear the device that is connected to their brain, which has become known as the Google wearable computer.

How Does Technology Make You Feel? A potential future robotic android, one woman in her thirties, has taken the concept of wearable computers and made it real in her own home. In fact, this robotic android, named Rosie, is so lifelike that when she smiles you can actually read her expressions in real-time.

Technology has provided many with advancements in all areas of life, including education, entertainment, and health care. Is it too soon for robots to help care for our children and allow us some quality one on one time on-line with our spouse? One thing is for sure: as long as humans continue to interact with each other, the technology will survive. The key is for us to get along with each other and share ideas.

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