Everything You Need to Know About Halo: Reach

Everything You Need to Know About Halo: Reach

Is Halo Infinite worth the extra price? What can you expect from the upcoming video game? As with all new releases, you’ll need to look beyond the box and look at the features. The release has given us a good look at what to expect in terms of Halo multiplayer, and it looks like fans are going to be excited about it for a long time to come. Here’s a quick analysis:

Update: Halo Infinite will be free to download for Xbox 360 users starting tomorrow. Microsoft released the news on their official twitter feed, confirming the news ahead of a similar leak gaining momentum on online forums. The blog post doesn’t offer any more information on the matter, nor does it promise more about the feature. However, it does promise that “hundreds of millions” of players will be able to take advantage of the free trial, which begins tomorrow (European time). This certainly indicates that fans will be getting some kind of gift – either an Xbox 360 or other gaming system – upon signing up for the free trial.

Does this mean that Halo Infinite will have all the same multiplayer modes as previous Halo games? Not necessarily. As noted above, the single player campaign will feature “free” for all players, but the nature of the multiplayer itself is still being discussed. It’s possible that future Halo games will feature a “core group” of players who play together both online and offline, though this hasn’t been confirmed for now.

Are there any special perks for playing on Xbox Live with the “Infinite Mass”? It’s not clear yet, but it may be related to increased credits through gameplay – much like the “rewards” available for certain missions in the Halo Reach campaign. In any case, it’s worth looking out for any special offers that become available as part of the “Infinite Access” program. The new credits you get for your Halo play also unlock special items like armor, vehicles, etc that can be used in the single player game.

One major feature in Halo: Reach is the highly detailed and visually stunning graphics. Graphics aren’t the most important selling point for the Halo franchise, but they have always been a big factor for fans. With the arrival of Halo: Reach on the Xbox console, it’s easy to see why graphical fidelity is one of the driving features behind the development of the game.

Hopefully by now you’ve seen what the developers are promising with Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360. They have done a tremendous job of revamping the game and making it one of the more engrossing and interactive games on the market. The improvements to the game’s main story and gameplay mechanics have created a lot more depth and a richer experience overall. It’s not just about having more fun during the actual game, but also enjoying the way the story is told throughout and the way the characters react to situations. If you’re a Halo fan, this game is an absolute must-have. Halo Infinite is sure to live up to the high expectations created by previous Halo games and put Microsoft back in the Xbox family.

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