What Types of Technology Are Available?

What Types of Technology Are Available?

In our current society, the word technology has a broader meaning than what it did in the past. The technology is now used to refer to a wide variety of human activities and the tools that make these happen. The word technology actually came from the technical and scientific processes of the Middle Ages. By the late 18th century, however, it took on the more encompassing use of referring to any human activity that uses or relies on new technology.

What are the six categories of technology in the 21st century?  Technological change occurs so rapidly that many people in the twenty-first century will find that they are reliant upon new technology every day. In this light, what are six different types of technological dependence?

Architecture technology deals with the construction of buildings and structures. Architectural technology deals with the design of buildings and the building itself. Architecture technology deals with everything from how to build homes to how to build office buildings.

Computational technology deals with the development of computer software.  The field of computer science today is quite diverse. Biotechnology deals with the study of living organisms.

Artificial intelligence is another type of technology that has been growing exponentially. Artificially intelligent computers are starting to replace most of the jobs previously held by human beings.

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